“We The People”



I have been focused on new client programs and have not changed this site in a while.

America has had an opportunity to get excited recently with our new President. At the very least we know where he wants to go during his term/s. He is a man with a mission. WE THE PEOPLE also need to get involved. Visit my other sites and let’s see what we might do together. I will work with you online and by phone to stay focused and together we can do wonders.

The All American Network has been built for all of us to find a way to contribute to our country, community, and our friends and loved ones. Stay in touch. There will be things to do and places to go along with income streams to pay for your efforts.

God Bless the USA and pour His friendship into our relationships. Yours for “Helping Others Help Themselves”.

Jerry D. Hill



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About This Network


This is a resource site. We have the resources from 50 years of raising capital and doing marketing programs for small companies, churches, chambers of commerce along with civic organizations needing new members, more publicity, more revenue or civic involvement.

We have the network skills and Networkers to deliver you years of real world assistance. Just real things produced and provided by those who did them.

If you would like to save a few years and a lot of your money.

Look into this.

It could very well be the smartest move you will ever make.

No fees unless you ok them, ever.

We Provide The Resources For Your Success

Winning Is Our National Commitment

The Programs and Activities designed by All American Network, have been designed to generate Advertising opportunities at the local community level.

Many people have built small businesses in every community for the last several years while jobs were drying up in many market sectors. Local jobs are very hard to come by.

Local Advertising in the few Print Publications cost hundreds of dollars per issue. Websites built to promote a small business have a time competing with the large national chains like Walmart, Target, and others who have far greater purchasing power at all levels of business.

Still, the small business jumps into the fray competing in every manner he can find. You could be the answer to many small business Advertising needs.

We have the resources for you to be successful in providing the AAN-USA NEWS REPORT for your community or territory. A small co-op fee of $52.00 per year gives you access to everything we can offer for you to be successful, including online training and personal mentoring 10-7 Tue-Thur CST.

For complete details please call Jerry Hill @ 469-556-1776 or email me at jerry@aan-usa.com